Hello to all of you wonderful people! I’m Kristen, another aspiring writer in a sea of aspiring writers writing a blog about writing, as well as things that are just going on in my daily life. Isn’t that a mouthful? But I can promise you that I’m not just one of many, I have my own style and my own quirks. I’m a 20-year-old college student who was raised by an elementary school teacher; she is the one who taught me the importance of reading from a very young age, and cultivated a love of reading and writing in me because of this. I live in the usually sunshiny Florida¬†and go to Florida Gulf Coast University, where I study English and Creative Writing. My goal, after graduation, is to self-publish fiction writing. I have a few works in progress, and I decided that it was finally a good time to get my name out there and meet some people with similar interests, whether that is reading, writing, or publishing. I am obsessed with cats, harry potter, and plants, as well as all things literary. I also have a pretty good connection with animals, as you can see based on that photo of me with a bunch of birds on my arm. Just call me the bird whisperer, haha. I am very pleased to meet you all, I hope you enjoy my blog!